Toyota CEO: California's 2035 petrol ban is impractical



IT House reported on October 3 that the US state of California announced that it will ban all new gasoline vehicle sales starting in 2035. However, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda is not optimistic about the plan.


  Toyoda shared with reporters late last week that achieving an EV goal like California's will be difficult, according to AutomotiveNews . He believes that not enough people want a pure electric car yet.

Akio Toyoda cited the hasty pace of some automakers, adding that Toyota has no plans to rush out a lineup of pure electric vehicles like some rivals.


  Toyoda also said it would be very difficult to have only 50 percent of new car sales be zero-emission vehicles by 2030, and advised against limiting the types of vehicles people buy. Toyota serves some 200 countries and territories around the world, which means it has to keep a close eye on market conditions and consumer demand, while some 1 billion people simply don't have reliable electricity .


  Akio Toyoda went on to talk about hydrogen being a good solution , something that Toyota has been developing for years. Toyoda also touted the brand's hybrids, noting that eight 40-mile plug-in hybrids could be produced for each 320-mile pure electric vehicle. He noted that this would be a better way to reduce carbon emissions.


  IT House has learned that Toyota invested billions of dollars last year as part of a plan to electrify its product line by 2030. Toyota plans to make about a third of its total global sales by the end of the decade to be pure electric vehicles. 30 pure electric vehicles will be launched by 2030.


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