Have iPhone 15 says goodbye to Lightning, EU approves to force Apple to use USB C interface?


image source: sina

In addition to the iPhone still insisting on using the closed Lightning interface, most mobile phones have now switched to the USBC interface. The European Union is pushing for the unification of the USBC interface. The European Commission has passed relevant resolutions before, and now the European Parliament has also approved this bill. , appleIt is also forced to use the USBC interface.


  The original intention of the EU to force the promotion of the USBC interface is for environmental protection. The unified interface of mobile phones and chargers can be reused, reducing waste, and saving users about 250 million euros each year.


  According to the resolution passed by the EU, they will force the promotion of the USBC interface from 2024. within that time, Apple would abide by this regulation in the European market. Of the 241 million mobile phones sold by Apple last year, the EU market sold about 56 million. The impact is not small.


  Although Apple has always been opposed to mandatory standards, in reality, the impact of this bill on Apple may not be so great, because starting with the iPhone 15 series in 2023, it is almost a certainty for Apple to replace the USBC interface, and it will also improve data transmission and charging speed.

source: https://www.sina.com.cn/

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