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Before I would start my explanations on this topic i want you to pay attention on keywords because I would be teaching you basically what you need to start out your Google blog spot blogging, I promise to be detailed and I won't leave any stone unturned.

Before going into blogging it would be good I explain to you that blogging is something you must have desire for before going into it. Most people start blogging with the wrong mindset and with time they dump the career due to lack of passion. Must people start blogging because of the financial gains, most people feels they want financial freedom and blogging seems to people as a career with a promising financial returns, 

Most people venture into blogging because they see others making it big through blogging, because they see most bloggers acquiring luxuries and materials things they feel it's the next game to financial freedom.

I would advise, before you start blogging create passion for it, it's makes it easy and less stressful, you can build your passion for blogging first before you launch your first blogging site, take your eyes off Money because it might not come as expected or it might not come at all. It might require alot of effort to create cash flow through blogging. This is the sole reason you must take your eyes off Money if you want to succeed in blogging.

Two types of blogging sites

There are two know major blogging sites that has existed for ages, the two blogging platforms are  Google blogspot and WordPress.


Google blogspot is Google owned blogging platform and it's a platform most bloggers uses to start there blogging journey it's also great for startup bloggers who do not have host fee.

Blogspot is a free hosting platform which you can start with as a blogger or a start-up blogger.

It has free templates and some free plugins to enhance your blogging experience.

How to create blogspot

Before you can create a Google blogspot you need a Google Gmail, 1, first you have to create a Gmail account. 

2, Go to Google and type

3, Sign up and create your blog name, choose a none existing blog name, once a unique name is identified, you can go ahead to create your blog.

4, After creating your blog choose your preferred template/theme.

To locate this feature, you have to click the Seventh tabs. Title theme

There are several tabs such as.

1. Post tab

2. Stats tab

3. Comments tab

4. Earnings tab

5. Pages tab

6. Layout tab

7. Theme tab

8. Settings tab

9. reading list tab.

When you click on the theme you would see different themes base on the category or the niche you wish to blog about. Select your preferred theme.

Then you are 70% good to go with your blogging journey.

How to install premium theme

Maybe you don't like any of the free themes on Google blogspot you can purchase your own premium theme from online theme creators or ask a program to design your preferred theme.

Click on my theme, then click on restore, you can then upload your premium theme from where it was saved on your computer, then refresh your browser. To confirm if the theme was successfully uploaded click on the view blog tab. You would see your new blog theme.

You might want to edit some information on your blog. Just click on the settings and edit whatsoever you wish to edit. For designing of your blog such as the colors, the front page interactions, you should do that with the layout tabs.

How to post on blogspot

Creating your first post is very simple, all you need to do is click on the post tab, then click on new post, a  white background sheet would be opened to type your post and a title page above the sheet is also provided to type the title of your post, 

There are several text editing tools above the text sheet. Such as the paragraph, bold icon, italics icon text size etc.

After typing or writing your text you click on the arrow like icon on the top right side to publish your article or post.

To add lebel/tag

Click on the settings icon you can then type in your lebels, it is stated that you must separate lebels with commas, you can also edit your post setting through this tab.

Settings such as if you don't want to allow comment on such post you can set it here.

Add image

To add image on your post, click and place your cursor where you want the image to appear, go to the top and click the image icon, you can select free images provided by Google or you can upload web images through the URL, or if you want your preferred image inside your computer, click on upload from computer.

Resize the image base on your preferred size.

Blog statistics

To know the details of your blog statistics and visitors rate click on the stats tab, the total analysis of your blog visitors would be displayed.

At the top left the total blog followers would be shown, total posts and the total numbers of comments on that blog would be displayed.

The total numbers of all time visitors of your blog would be displayed, today visitors statistics, yesterday visitors statistics, this month and last month visitors statistics. The last 7 days visitors statistics,

You can also track the total numbers of visitors by countries of origin, to track your visitors location, click on more about this blog

All current visitors by location would be displayed on your screen.

Also your site/blog top referring URLs can be track through this method.

Creating pages

To create pages on blogspot is actually easy, pages such as the privacy Policy page, terms and conditions page, contact us page etc should be credited here,  all you need to do is click on the page, you can past a code or type you write up. After typing click on view page. Click on the URL copy and go to the layout and link the URL of that page for your visitors to click.

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