How to promote affiliate product

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Select a product niche.

Request for the affiliate link.

Create a landing page.

Run Facebook ads

Run google ads

Use free article writing platforms (,

Buy or build email list

Build funnels.

Use YouTube

In this jet age, the world have evolved to advanced technology. You don't need to own a physical store to sell your products which has a couple of disadvantages like inability to reach a large number of people. With the online store which is been possible by affiliate marketing, you could get your product across the globe.

One may ask what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is simply the promotion of goods and services in the digital space through the use of links.

From the word affiliate, it means partnership or joint.

There are ways to promote your products through affiliate marketing, one of which is by creating an affiliate link through which customers can click on to make purchase of whatever product you're selling.

First and foremost, select a product niche eg it could be health, politics, sports, religion, education etc.

Find a particular niche that you're well grounded in and ready to dispense quality products and services in.

Eg take for instance the health niche, be ready to dispense valuable products and services as regarding the niche maybe sales of drugs or educative health talks but let it be centered on that niche. The essence is to have a specific goal that's aligned. Let people know you for that particular service you offer. Offering different niches in one only shows an unorganized work.

The next thing to do is to request for an affiliate link. 

To know more on how to request for your Affiliate link click below 👇

With the affiliate link, the affiliate marketer can promote his goods and services and customers can purchase that service by a click.

Create a landing page

Designing a landing page where you write about your products and services for people to see.

A landing page is the front page in a website that highlights what that website is all about.

Talk about your products and services in the whole of your website.

With the landing page customers can get acquainted with the products and services offered.

Run Facebook ads. Promote it on social media platforms like Facebook through running of ads, WhatsApp business, Twitter, Instagram 

 Through the help of Facebook market in the Facebook app, ads can be run to generate income. These are short visual displays that carries informations about a product and service. Most times comes in between videos or text in the Facebook app.

Run google ads. They are advertisements about a product and service that runs in the Google AdSense approved sites. This are ads that sometimes pop-up on website when visitors visit the site and this ads are most times clicked my those visitors, which takes them or direct them to your landing page, This is just a tactics to draw the attention of the customers to that particular product and service.

Use of free writing article platform like Quora, medium etc. 

You could also promote your Affiliate products by using article writing platforms to talk about your business products and services. 

Buy or build email list. This is done by getting people's email and sending bulk email to them, telling them about your products and services.

Build funnels. This perspective was gotten from the normal funnel used in channeling water into a container. With the sales funnel having the top being the widest part, the middle and the bottom. It shows that the top which is the widest part is the large audience who heard about the business (i.e awareness) and the fact they are aware of the products and services you offer, do not mean all will purchase it until it's a necessity.

Eg of this stage of awareness could be their bumping into your ads by just a click or hearing about your products by a friend etc.

The second stage is being interested.

As it passes through the funnel, it reduces in numerical value. As not all that are aware of the product, will be interested in it and not all interested will decide to get the product or services and not all who decided will take the bold action of purchasing it 

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