“SAFETY”   means the state of being safe and protected from danger or harm. In order to have safe drive on the road, we need some tips to follow.
“TIPS”   means a small piece of advice about something practical.
          Here are some tips on how to drive safely on the road.

1.     Wear your seatbelt: seatbelts are belts attached to the seat in a car or a plane and that you fasten around yourself so that you are not thrown out of the seat if there is an accident. It is essential to use it to ensure safe-driving. When you enter a car, the first thing to do is to use your seatbelts and make sure everyone in the car is wearing theirs.

2.     Keep your car well-maintained: Another tip for safe driving is to keep your car well-maintained. Preventative maintenance can keep your car operating safely. Before driving, always check these certain things in your car:
- The tread on your tires.
- Make sure your car’s fluids are filled and your battery is working.
-Always ensure that your car’s break is in good condition.
NOTE: Ensure you check your owner’s manual and follow the maintenance schedule listed in it to keep your car performance safely and properly.

3.     Never drink and drive: Drinking while driving is very bad. Drunk drivers can cause life-threatening/fatal accidents. If you have had anything to drink, play it safe and have somebody else to drive. If you don’t have anybody else to drive, call a cab or use the ride app e.g Uber or Lyft.

4.     Always check your mirrors: This is a very important tip you need to follow while driving on the road. You need to keep watch for things you may miss by checking your mirrors. Always check your mirrors before changing lanes so that you avoid accident.

5.     Use the left lane for overtaking: This is the last but not the least tip you should endeavor to follow for safe-driving You can change lanes and speed up to get around slower vehicles. Put on your turn signal, then wait for an opening so the lane is clear, and move into the left lane.
- Do not overtake by the right, it is wrong………


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