Affiliate marketing is a very wide niche of digital marketing that has broaden within time.

there are numerous affiliate marketing sites but you would agree with me that alot of this sites are actually not reliable and not trusted.

so this is why I would be talking about the three best proven affiliate networks that works best. which I have personally worked with for more than 6 years now.

It would be a waste of resources and time after spending your time and money to promote a product hoping to get paid and after making sells you are unable to withdraw your profit, to make profit in today's affiliate marketing, you would invest in ads, content writing and lots to drive a specific audience traffic to purchase the product you are marketing.

this is why I recommend this best three affiliate marketing sites.


affiliate marketing is simply a chain of marketing techniques by which an individual picks up a product to resell as a retailer through a referral link so as to make commission from the sales.


1. Digital products.(ebooks, softwares, audiobooks, photos, videos)

2. Medical drugs.

3. Physical products or tangible products.

(cloths, lands, cars, etc)

there are different affiliate marketing programs that I would be covering in some other time. eg, sites that has affiliate programs.

for now I would be covering the 3 best affiliate marketing sites in terms of digital products.

we have jvzoo, warriorplus and clickbank.

1. jvzoo

just like every other affiliate platforms jvzoo is a market hub for sellers and buyers. it includes selling a digital product to wide range of customers and promoting products through affiliates.

on jzvoo, sellers develop there digital products and launch it on the platform affiliate who finds it interesting or see the potential of a digital product would send a request to the seller telling the seller how good he/she is about digital marketing and how he/she would be marketing the sellers products, it is also best you explain in details the mode and medium you entail to promote the digital product.

some promotion mediums might violate some sellers policy, this is the sole reason you ought to explain your marketing techniques to the seller when you are requesting for permission to promote the sellers product.

how to request for a product.

on your dashboard when you login you would see this tabs.




my account


now click the affiliates, when you click affiliates drop down tabs would be open such as affiliate dashboard, affiliate quick stats approved products, find products, find contests, affiliate bonuses Transactions, Knowledgebase.

this are the specific tabs for affiliate clients on jvzoo.

to locate a product to market click on the Find Product, you would see different products and their properties. properties such as the launched date, the amount sold so far, the conversion percentage, EPC, Average price, Commission percentage and refund ratio.

a good affiliate marketer must look into this parameters before requesting approval.

there are products with low return ratio.

after detailed examination of the products, when you see a product with the best marketing criteria click on the request Approval.

when you click on request approval, confirm the product sales price, commission and the seller's name. also check the payment gateway medium seller pays commission through. because this might affect your commission.


there are lots of vendors online and some can very be very funny most times some vendors can be very dramatic when paying affiliates commission, some would even want to prevent or delay the commission from getting to their affiliates this is why i would encourage you request for partnership form verified vendors.

check the vendors rating, vendors with 2 stars or below might not be best for startup affiliates, check the vendors refunds rate, check numbers of affiliate sales. here if you see a vendor with one thousand and above 1,000+ affiliate sales, it is a good sign that such vendors develops nice products.

check how long the vendor have been in the digital product development niche. long time experience most times validates individuals authentication.

you could also go through most vendors social media accounts for elaborate verification.


to get more insight about that product you can click on the product page link. this would take you to the sales page were every information about the product would be explained. after all this checks click on request and type your request message, after some hours or days the seller would reply either approving your request or denying your request, this depends on the information you sent and how prepared you are in promoting his or her product.


just like jzvoo, warrior plus is also a reputable digital hubs were digital product sellers and online affiliate marketers can connect. 

on warrior plus sellers can set up and automatic delivery, sales funnels and much more. 

on the top front of your dashboard when you login to your warrior plus account, there are three tabs, 



and Affiliate.

as an affiliate you click the Affiliate tab,

a drop down menu would be open, you can click on dashboard to see all your affiliate sales, another tab is the offers tab. statistics tab. transactions tab, sales report tab, contests and  launch calendar.

unlike jvzoo, to request for a product you would click on OFERS, when you click on offers you would see millions of products.

the product/offer name, the offer released date, numbers of sales, the offer conversation rate, visitors value, the average sales and refund rate.

you should always click on offer sales page to get proper understanding and information About that product.

on warrior plus, most vendors conduct contest for their products,  you can join the contest, but you should also check the contest start date and the end date, you can also try using email to contact the vendor for those that update their email on the platform.

same techniques applied in jvzoo could also be applied on warrior plus.


clickbank was founded in 1998 and it is above 20years now in the e-commerce sector.

clickbank is an E-commerce platform to buy, sell and promote quality affiliate products. click bank is an industrial leading e-commerce platform it's also the world wide leading affiliate marketing platform.

most countries are actually not qualified to sign up on click bank affiliate marketing program. mostly some African countries.

Click bank is broad and has larger product marketing system. 

other products you can market on click bank. e-books

fitness books


softwares etc.

to sign up for affiliate program on click bank you must confirm if your country is eligible to apply for the program.


This three affiliate sites listen above are not the only affiliate marketing sites or e-commerce website to launch or sell your digital products.

there are thousands of affiliate marketing platform that also works good, so you can try other options, this three were listed based on author's  experience.

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