Uber has asked its drivers in India to ensure that passengers can use rear seat belts and They work fine.


IT House News on September 20, according to reports, a few days after a local business tycoon died in a car accident in India, ride-hailing company Uber has asked its drivers in India to ensure that passengers can use rear seat belts and They work fine.

  The move comes amid a growing push for road safety in India, the world's fourth-largest car market. In early September, Cyrus Mistry, the former chairman of India 's Tata Sons, died in a crash related to his Mercedes , after local media reported he sat in the back seat without a seatbelt.


  "To avoid fines or complaints from passengers, make sure the seat belts on the rear seats are easy to use and functional," Uber said in an advisory to its drivers on Tuesday.


  A source with direct knowledge of the matter also said Uber is conducting checks at airports to make sure its drivers adhere to seatbelt protocols .

Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


  Its SoftBank Group-backed Indian rival Ola has also issued recommendations to drivers to enforce seat belt rules in recent weeks, a company representative told Reuters.


  At the same time, the Indian government is also trying to improve road safety in a country with the world's deadliest roads through a series of measures.


  The World Bank said last year that one person dies on a road in India every four minutes.


  India already has rules requiring rear seat passengers to wear seat belts, but only a few comply. Enforcement is poor, despite fines of INR 1,000 (approximately RMB 88) for violations.


  In most cases, car and taxi owners put seat covers on the seat belts in the back seat, rendering them inoperable.


  IT House has learned that Uber told drivers in its advisory to ensure rear seat belts are installed, adding that "if the seat belt is hidden under the seat cover, remove the seat cover".


  The Indian government has also said it wants automakers to install rear seat belt alarm systems to make it mandatory and require all cars to have six airbags.

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