The Pro and Pro Max Model: As soon as it was released, it "collapsed", and the price of some channels of the iPhone 14 is thousands of yuan cheaper than the official website


 On September 19, Jiemian News learned from multiple dealer channels that due to lower-than-expected demand for the iPhone 14, the price of some channels has been lower than the official website price, and some are more than 1,000 yuan lower than the official website price. The more popular iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max models still have a premium price, but they are much cooler than the prices before and after the launch.


  Jiemian News obtained two September 19 iPhone 14 quotations from different provinces. Among them, the quotation from Huaqiangbei shows that the original price of 8699 yuan for the 512G version of the iPhone 14 is 7730 yuan, which is 969 yuan lower than the original price. Another quotation shows that the price of the same product is 7620 yuan, which is 1079 yuan lower than the original price. Some practitioners described it this way: "iPhone 14 has crashed".


The Pro and Pro Max models with higher demand and longer official website delivery period still maintain a premium price, with a price increase between 100-1000 yuan, of which the purple model has the most price increase. Previously, Jiemian News reported that the premium of the scalper channel was as high as 4,000 yuan before the iPhone 14 was released.


  An industry insider who has been engaged in electronic product sales for many years analyzed Jiemian News that the iPhone 14/Plus uses the same A15 chip as the iPhone 13, which is not very attractive to consumers (especially iPhone 13 users). On the other hand, as far as the person knows from the industry chain, "this year there is no shortage of chips, no shortage of screens, and no shortage of electronic materials." The demand for scalpers is not high. "If 14 and Plus also use A16 chips, maybe scalpers won't cry this year."


  But the hot-selling Pro/Pro Max does not rule out a rapid price drop in the next period of time. For example, the above-mentioned person said that some users purchased the iPhone 14 Pro before and after the release. The official website originally showed that it would arrive in mid-October, but it has already been shipped today.


  The survey and analysis of the first weekend of iPhone 14 pre-sale released by well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo pointed out that compared with the previous generation 13 series products, the pre-order results of the 14 series Pro Max, Pro and two standard models were good and medium respectively. Sex and bad. This is also in line with the market performance after the official launch.


  The survey also showed sluggish demand for the 14 and 14Plus models, with pre-order results worse than the iPhone SE 3 and iPhone 13 mini. These two products currently account for about 45% of the entire series shipments. Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that if the demand for these two models does not improve after the launch, Apple may adjust its shipment forecast within a few weeks, and it is possible to cut orders.


  Apple's stock price showed that it rose slightly on the day of its autumn conference on September 8, but it showed a downward trend in the following days. As of press time, Apple's U.S. stock market was quoted at $149 per share in pre-market, down 1.13%.


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