The first Apple new product, e-commerce is eating more "fruit”


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  What circle of friends can I post to imply that I have been lucky recently?

  The answer is, a screenshot of an iPhone14 Pro Max 256G dark purple order.

  Although there is a joke, this is really what happened to Zhao Hai and his circle of friends.

  As a senior "fruit fan", Zhao Hai keeps up with the latest iPhone models every year, and is obsessed with the first experience. In order to improve the success rate, Zhao Hai adopted the method of wide-spreading the net, and snapped up purchases on the official website, Tmall and at the same time.

  "This year's happiness is given by Tmall again."

  Holding the first "social currency" in autumn, the most valuable part of the iPhone 14 does not seem to be the phone itself, but the "first batch" of social talk.

  Where there is demand, there is business. This strong demand gap, "Apple's first launch", is also testing the supply strength of e-commerce platforms.

  A required course for mature e-commerce: Apple's first launch

  Entering its 13th year in China, the iPhone has witnessed the entire process of domestic consumption upgrading, and young people's needs and desires for innovative technology have gradually upgraded from "owning" to "owning for the first time."

  The great enthusiasm of users is reflected in the fact that fruit fans will not only stay up late to watch the "Science and Technology Spring Festival Gala", but also continue to squat on time after the release, striving to be the first to eat crabs.

  Businesses will naturally not let go of such a huge hot spot and selling point, especially related Internet manufacturers, in order to be able to share this annual "Apple Dividend". Getting the first release has not only become a required course for some fruit fans, but also a required course for major e-commerce platforms.

  AI Lan Mediahui observed that less than 3 hours after the press conference this year, the Tmall Apple Store flagship store completed the new update, opened the appointment channel for related new products, and synchronized with the official website.

  "The Tmall flagship store is the only official flagship store in the online platform, which is equivalent to Apple's official website. Therefore, it is the same as the official website, with new products and sufficient supply." Industry insiders explained, "Besides this, it is the line of brand authorization. The online distributors, such as and Suning, are not directly-operated stores, the authenticity is guaranteed, and other related online platforms are not included in the Apple authorization system.”

  It is precisely because of the scarcity of officially authorized resources that these major online platforms have absolute advantages during the launch of new products.

  Users also intuitively experience this advantage. "I use the three major platforms (official website,, and Tmall) to browse together every year." Zhao Hai said bluntly, "Tmall is still relatively 'silky', like this year's dark purple and last year's Yuanfeng blue, which can be found on Tmall. grab it."

Another fruit fan also confirmed this channel advantage: "I usually buy things on Tmall. Since it is an official direct sale, there is no need to change the platform. Besides, it is really easy to grab."


  It is true that, given enough trust by brands and users, the e-commerce platform has indeed given feedback to users with its stable supply capacity. As of the time of publication of AI Blue Media Exchange, many consumers have posted screenshots of mobile phone shipments on the Internet.


  In contrast, e-commerce platforms that have not won official cooperation are also reluctant to miss such a technology hotspot in vain.


  Meituan is relatively easy-going. It relies on the advantages of local life business and cooperates with offline authorized stores to launch a takeaway service. Pinduoduo, on the other hand, continued the tens of billions subsidy policy that has always been in place, and simply and rudely gave discounts to attract some users who are pursuing cost-effectiveness. "But Pinduoduo's supply is a problem. If you want to harvest wool, let's wait and see for a while."


  In any case, in this traffic carnival and consumption carnival called Apple, e-commerce brands have the conditions to participate, and they have to create conditions if they do not have the conditions. Apple's debut has long been not only a social currency in the fruit fan circle, but has gradually evolved into a touchstone for testing e-commerce market status and supply chain capabilities.


  Mature e-commerce promotion class: eat more "fruit"


  It is true that if you seize the opportunity in the "first launch", you will be able to enjoy the dividends brought by Apple as soon as possible. But in fact, the value that the brand can bring to the platform is far more than the simple release of new products.


  As the time line moves forward, host-related peripheral products such as mobile phone cases, power banks, and lens films have already seized the heat. On September 14th, two days before the release date, several mobile phone case stores visited by AI Blue Media Center said that they had prepared new mobile phone cases, "You can buy them now, but there are not many styles, and it will be officially launched on the 16th. On the shelf."


  There is a similar performance online.


  When the new product was released, Taobao has already launched related peripheral products one after another. "Basically, after the reservation is completed, there will be recommendations related to peripheral products. If necessary, you can place an order directly." The first batch of reservation users, represented by Zhao Hai, found that they recommended, browsed, and completed orders on Taobao's homepage. Later pages such as "Guess you like it" saw recommended links around the iPhone 14 series.


  Taking the well-known digital accessories Lvlian as an example, its Tmall flagship store has launched the "iPhone14 good partner" series on the homepage after the Apple conference, which includes common accessories such as charging heads, wireless earphones, mobile phone cases and tempered films. The monthly sales of tempered films suitable for new models have exceeded 8000+.

Even before the official start of the press conference, the phenomenon of "the mobile phone arrives first, the film arrives first" has appeared on the social platform, which is dubbed "the film is upside down" by netizens.


  This is actually in line with the consumption habits of users in recent years. According to Taobao Tmall, the integrated product of mobile phone lens film, mobile phone case and lens film has grown by about 100% in the past two years. It is expected that the market size will reach more than 1 billion in the next two years. According to Tmall Xiaoer, in the past year, the number of mobile phone lens film related merchants has increased by 50%, and the supply has increased by nearly 100%. Accessories brands such as Pinsheng and Shanmo have cooperated with the release of related products.


  Mobile phone cases are also a popular peripheral category for all ages.


  Data shows that on Taobao and Tmall, the user stickiness of mobile phone cases is high, and more than 10 million users buy more than 12 times a year, which is quite high frequency. In the digital peripheral category of mobile phone cases, female consumers account for more than 50%. Like necklaces and lipsticks, mobile phone cases have become "third accessories".


  This is the advantage of Taobao and Tmall. In terms of sharing Apple's new product dividends, not only does it rely on the advantages of the official flagship store to seize the opportunity, but also can eat more "fruit". With its own rich consumption ecology and user base, it links the surrounding consumer demand around core products and drives related consumer demand. The industrial chain continues to grow.


  Previously, relevant practitioners calculated an account: there are a considerable number of mobile phone case enthusiasts in the market, and the frequency of their purchase of mobile phone cases is

The first Apple new product, e-commerce is eating more "fruit”

once a month. Then according to the two-year life cycle of a mobile phone, consumers spend a lot on mobile phone cases. However, the profits that mobile phone cases can bring to manufacturers often exceed the mobile phone itself, so many practitioners believe that "selling mobile phone cases is more profitable than selling mobile phones".


  Coupled with the content-based, ecological, and consumer-based services provided by e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and Taobao, the platforms can often accurately tap and meet user needs, so that merchants can enjoy the dividends brought by the 1 billion users of the Tao Department ecosystem as much as possible.


  According to media statistics, the business share of Tao-based mobile phone case merchants accounts for more than half of the entire mobile phone case industry.


  The “fruit” of Tao-based e-commerce is to eat more, and ultimately form a win-win situation for consumers, brands, surrounding industry merchants, and the platform itself. This is actually the most valuable value of Tmall teaming up with Apple to seize the first opportunity. reflect.


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