Taking a seat at work? Meta has to book a station before arriving at work. Staff complains: very Meta, it is useless to clean up


Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 19 morning news, according to reports, Meta said that they will pilot a "new work experience", let employees book desks before arriving at the office. Employees criticized the company's plan to introduce rotating desks in offices.


  Meta employees reportedly objected to its plan to rotate desks in its internal environment, with one calling it "cheesy." Other employees said it was "dishonest" to frame the program as a new experience.


  Many large companies use rotating desks to save office space and costs, but that means most employees don't have a fixed workstation.


  "Can we stop calling this useless cost cutting," one Meta employee reportedly wrote. "Nobody's going to buy into this new experience." Others said the statement Seems to treat employees like children.


  Some employees reportedly said they would come to the office less often because they would have to book a desk and get it set up. One of them said the planned move showed management was "completely out of touch with reality".


  Another employee wrote: "I swear to god it's so Meta to swap a useful thing for a bad, unusable substitute and then force everyone to move."


  Other Meta employees pointed out that other companies are also using the desk rotation system, and once implemented, it can be managed.


  Meta has already taken steps to cut costs this year. The company told employees in May that it was delaying hiring due to "lower-than-expected revenue growth."


  Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees in July that he would "intensify efforts" to meet performance goals, reduce headcount and weed out underperforming employees.


  Meta had no immediate comment.

source: https://www.sina.com.cn/

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