Russian representative warns at UN, 'suggests' possible attack on 'Starlink' satellites


[Global Times Comprehensive Report] The "Starlink" satellite communication service provided by the US private space company SpaceX (SpaceX) to Ukraine during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has made Russia extremely annoyed. The US "Extreme Technology" website said on the 19th that Russian representative Konstantin Vorontsov warned at the United Nations that "quasi-civilian facilities" that "indirectly participate in military conflicts" are "reasonable targets", suggesting that the Russian military may " "Starlink" satellites are targeted.

 In the early days of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, SpaceX announced the provision of "Starlink" satellite communication services for Ukraine and achieved success. "It provides Ukraine with an important line of communication and helps the Ukrainian army control military assets such as drones." According to the report, at the recent meeting of the United Nations "responsible behavior in outer space" open working group meeting, Voronzo "The situation in Ukraine" highlights the use of "civilian space facilities" by the United States and its allies to achieve military objectives, and these "quasi-civilian facilities" that "indirectly participate in military conflicts" are "reasonable targets", he said. It is said that this is not the first time Russia has hinted that it intends to bring the "Starlink" satellite into the attack range. In April of this year, Dmitry Medvedev, chairman of the Russian ruling party "United Russia Party", said that destroying the "Starlink" satellite was a "fresh idea" and that "it is too early to implement it", but "will consider it" in the future.


  It is generally believed that the "Starlink" satellites mainly operate in low-Earth orbit, and the Russian military has various means to destroy or disable them. But the website "Extreme Technologies" said that even if Russia destroys some of the "Starlink" satellites, it is unlikely to cause much damage to the entire satellite network. More than 2,000 Starlink satellites are currently in low-Earth orbit, and the Falcon 9 rocket can put 60 satellites into orbit at a time. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has threatened that "the company can launch new satellites faster than Russia (or anyone else) can shoot them down." But after the Russian representative's statement came out, Musk said on social media that "'Starlink' should only be used for peaceful purposes." (Chen Shan)


 SOURCE: China news


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