No, she was also jumped by the fairy?


 During this period of time, Lin Xinru could be considered to be suffering from blood mold.


  Originally, she was happy to be nominated for the Golden Bell Award.

As a result, an outrageous news suddenly appeared——


  Some time ago, Holly, a scammer under the name of Lin Xinru's niece, was just announced to have committed suicide because of being attacked online.


  But just two days ago, this person suddenly came and swindled the corpse...

 Lin Xinru, who has acted in TV dramas for so many years, may never have imagined that she would actually encounter such a fraudster who can carry an eight-point bloody drama by himself in reality.


  In fact, Holly was originally just a small internet celebrity with less than 100,000 fans.

But she suddenly found an easy way to make money - pretending to be a relative of a star who is going to debut to squeeze benefits from major brands.


  One of the unlucky ones chosen by her was Ruby Lin.


  She sent a message to the brand in Ruby Lin's tone, expressing her willingness to cooperate with them, and taking samples of the product from them as a matter of course.

 After taking advantage of the brand, she was still not satisfied, so she pretended to be Ruby Lin again, boasting about herself as a fake niece, hoping to get a job opportunity.

In the end, she even pretended to be the agent of Ruby Lin and Wang Xinling's joint company, ran to a homestay, and asked for a free stay for filming...

In truth, the deception methods and words she used were actually very clumsy——


  First, she took the initiative to send a message to ask for cooperation. If the brand side has no intention, she will try every means to stalk her.

 If the other party still refuses, she immediately makes a big move:


  You can think clearly, I have a great relationship with a certain artist.

 But it may be because it is too simple and outrageous, so many people are really deceived.


  Is this not?


  Yang Youning got married some time ago, and Holly even sneaked into the wedding scene.

 She used the identity of Ruby Lin's niece to eat at the scene, grabbed flowers, and finally took away gifts.


  During the entire wedding, no one found out that there was something wrong with her.

Until one day, the brand felt that something was wrong and contacted Ruby Lin to confirm the identity of this person with her.

 Ruby Lin finally knew that someone had been bluffing and cheating under her guise, so she hurried out and issued a statement——


  "Don't be fooled, I don't have an internet celebrity niece called Holly, and neither is my assistant Shanshan."

When netizens in the comment area saw these names, their memories were instantly awakened——


  Good guy, she turned out to be a habitual offender.


  The brand party who was deceived by her can simply circle the earth three times.

 She went to the dentist and insisted that she was introduced by Ruby Lin and Kun Ling.


  As a result, the dentist broke through in a second: I didn't help these two people see their teeth at all?

 When she did her haircut, she also pretended to be Kunling's agent to call the hair salon, saying that Kunling wanted to get her hair done.


  When the other side agrees, the person who wants to send hair becomes Holly.

Every time she makes a phone call, she has to change her identity. From assistant, aunt to shareholder, she has acted all over again.


  But the point is, her voice has never changed.

In Holly's cheating career, the most successful one was the cooperation with a sock brand.


  In the beginning, the brand just promised a simple cooperation.


  In the end, on the grounds that she was recommended by the artist's relatives, she opened up to the lion and asked for more than 100 pairs of socks.

  After being questioned about the use of socks by the brand, she found another excellent reason:


  I want to donate the extra socks to a child welfare organization in our common name.

As a result, the brand waited for several months, only to receive Lin Xinru's statement and the news that the welfare organization had not received any donation information.

So, they immediately followed in her footsteps and hammered Holly upside down.

And Yang Youning finally realized at this moment——


  It turned out to be your niece. It turned out that the person who called our company was Shanshan.


 In the end, the Holly that everyone saw naturally became a liar who everyone saw.


  But even with such an absurd scam, the star is a little bit hard to guard against:


  In the past, it was okay to be swayed by real family members, but now it has to be swayed by fake family members.


  If you don't come out and tell the truth, countless people will continue to be deceived by her;


  But as long as you dare to come out and expose the reality, a cauldron of Internet violence and other people's death will be immediately detained on your forehead.


  How can I fix it, I hope everyone will not encounter such lunatics in the future.


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