Have Microsoft announced that it will bring the Windows 11 Android Subsystem WSA application to 31 countries and regions



IT House reported on September 28 that, following the United States and Japan, Microsoft announced that it will bring the Windows 11 Android Subsystem WSA application to 31 countries and regions.


  On September 27, Microsoft began rolling out Android app support to users in the UK and Europe. Users can now install the updated WSA through Windows Update, and the Amazon App Store is only available in those regions.


  The 21 areas currently known are:


  It's worth noting that the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) is currently no longer in preview/beta phase, it is available for all eligible devices in these regions (must have at least 8GB of RAM, but the recommended memory requirement is 16GB , preferably with an SSD and with virtualization turned on).


  Users can find the Android apps they need in the Microsoft Store, and thanks to the deep integration of Windows 11, these apps work perfectly like regular Windows apps.

 Microsoft said initial tests in the U.S. and Japan have generated great interest from users and developers. Although Microsoft's desktop operating system doesn't support the Google Play Store and its services, many users are happy to get their favorite Android apps on Windows.


  Currently, Windows 11 users can obtain Android apps on Windows 11 through the Amazon App Store, or use APK files downloaded from the Internet for sideload installation.

Additionally, the Amazon AppStore on Windows 11 now has access to over 20,000 popular games. To improve discoverability and make it easier for users to get Android apps on Windows 11, the Microsoft Store will include them in search results, provide ratings and reviews, and support sharing links with others.


  The latest version of WSA is 2208.40000.4.0, which improves security, input issues, general reliability, and performance. IT home friends can find updates in the Microsoft Windows 11 app store to download the new version of WSA, or you can manually download the complete installation package.


  Windows11 Android Subsystem (WindowsSubsystem for Android) includes the Linux kernel and the Android operating system based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) version. This subsystem runs in a Hyper-V virtual machine, just like the Linux subsystem, and can map the runtime and API of the App in the AOSP environment to the Windows graphics layer, memory buffers, input modes, physical and virtual devices, and sensors, Can run on Intel, AMD, Qualcomm CPUs.

source: https://tech.sina.com.cn/

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