E-commerce downturn, Amazon cargo flight growth hit record low


Sina Technology News Beijing time on the morning of September 21, according to reports, the growth rate of Amazon's air cargo business recently hit a new low since the epidemic, which shows from another aspect that the e-commerce giant is actively adjusting and adapting to the increasing Low demand for online shopping.


  According to a new report released by the Chadick Institute for Urban Development at DePaul University, at the beginning of this month, Amazon Air's cargo planes flew 194 times a day, a mere increase from March this year. up 3.8%. This is also the slowest growth in Amazon's cargo flights since the institute began regularly publishing semi-annual reports in May 2020.

Joseph Schwieterman, director of the institute, said in an interview that Amazon is currently undergoing a major adjustment. At the height of the new crown epidemic, Amazon was clearly overly optimistic about expanding its supply chain.


  This year, consumers in many countries have returned to normal shopping habits, and Amazon is embarrassed to face a surplus of logistics warehouses and workers due to its substantial expansion during the epidemic. In Europe and the U.S., Amazon has reportedly suspended or abandoned plans to build dozens of new fulfillment warehouses.


  Amazon lost 100,000 employees between March and June, the largest quarterly layoff in the company's history. According to the company's official statement, these reductions are "normal reductions" such as resignation and retirement.


  For this report, Amazon officials did not comment.


  It is worth mentioning that last week, the US Federal Express Co. canceled its annual profit target forecast, which shocked investors. FedEx shares tumbled sharply after the company said preliminary operating metrics for the last quarter missed Wall Street analysts' expectations. But some analysts later said that FedEx's troubles weren't just a drop in U.S. e-commerce demand, but the company itself.

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