Have DJI releases Mavic 3 industry series drones


 DJI today officially released the Mavic 3 industry series of drones: Mavic 3E and Mavic 3T.


  The official said that the Mavic 3 industry series are the smallest industry-level drones released by DJI. They continue the design concept of the Mavic 2 industry version, and have been upgraded again on the dual camera system of the Mavic 3 flight platform, which can be matched with rich loads. , to provide more scalability for industrial applications.

According to reports, the newly upgraded Mavic 3 industry series drones continue the design of the Mavic 3 flight platform and are equipped with a multi-lens module gimbal . The lightweight body will make it easier to carry UAV equipment, without the need for additional transport, and can quickly start operations where a single person can reach on foot.


  The main camera of the Mavic 3E uses a 4/3 CMOS 20-megapixel wide-angle camera . The lens is equipped with a mechanical shutter that can achieve high-speed continuous shooting at intervals of up to 0.7 seconds, and a large 3.3μm pixel can ensure continuous normal operation in low-light mode. By adding RTK module, centimeter-level positioning can be achieved, and the accuracy requirements of image-free aerial survey can be met in surveying and mapping operations. In addition to the main camera, Mavic 3E also integrates a 12-megapixel high-definition telephoto camera, which can support up to 56x hybrid zoom, and can clearly capture details of power inspections from a far distance as of 10 meters.


  In addition to a 1/2 CMOS 48-megapixel wide-angle main camera and a 12-megapixel high-definition telephoto camera, Mavic 3T also integrates a 640x512 resolution thermal imaging camera into the lens module , enabling visible light and thermal imaging in one operation Various job requirements. The thermal imaging lens on the Mavic 3T supports functions such as spot temperature measurement, area temperature measurement, high temperature alarm, color palette and isotherm, which can quickly locate the target and assist in operation decision-making. Not only that, the thermal imaging camera and telephoto camera of Mavic 3T can achieve 28x linked zoom and continuous zoom, which is convenient for users to compare efficiently, synchronize zoom, and confirm details.

The Mavic 3 industry series UAV has a battery life of up to 45 minutes . this current product O3 image transmission industry version can achieve high-definition image transmission within a range of 8 kilometers, and a single flight can complete a maximum of 2 square kilometers of surveying and mapping operations. The standard DJI RC PRO industrial version remote control with 1000 nits high-brightness display is equipped with 4 antennas to achieve 2 transmissions and 4 receptions. By additionally equipped with 4G enhanced video transmission, it can automatically switch with the O3 video transmission industry version. In addition to the original image transmission capability, it can also ensure the stability of image transmission, making urban operation and flight safer.


  The Mavic 3 industry series also WOULD have more and better flying capacity than previous products. The fuselage is equipped with a fisheye lens, which comprehensively improves the path planning ability during one-key return, optimizes the return efficiency, and provides more safe operation time. Through APAS 5.0, obstacle avoidance flight can be easily achieved. In tunnels, bridge bottoms and other multi-directional obstacle operation scenarios, obstacle monitoring warnings and braking distances can also be set by custom to ensure operation safety and operation efficiency to the greatest extent, allowing operators to Can focus more on the work itself.


  In order to improve the continuous operation efficiency, the Mavic 3 industry series intelligent battery supports 100W desktop fast charging. When you use  the 100W charging butler,  group of batteries can be powered and charged  at the same time. After 50 minutes of charging, the intelligent flight battery can continue to operate. Even if you do not carry a charging butler, you can directly charge the battery through the body directly connected to the fast charging charger.

source: https://www.sina.com.cn/

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