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On September 19, 2022, the Star Miero under SAIC-GM Chevrolet was officially launched. The new car is called "Seeker" in English and is positioned as a new compact SUV. Its positioning in the SAIC-GM Chevrolet family is between the pioneer and the explorer. . The whole new car is based on sports, adopts the latest design style of the family, and is powered by a 1.5T four-cylinder engine. According to the official statement, the "Bumblebee" Camaro Camaro is a household name, and in the future, it is hoped that the "Little Hornet" Seeker Star Miero will also be recognized by the market.


  The new car has launched a total of 5 models, and the official price covers the range of 139,900-164,900 yuan. The specific models and prices are shown in the following figure:

Seeker Star Milo is positioned between the pioneer and the explorer, and it is Chevrolet's first compact SUV in the true sense. The new car inherits Chevrolet's unique "vitality aesthetics" design concept, and is oriented with dynamic appearance and driving control. Therefore, it breaks through the traditional SUV styling ratio in terms of shape, creating a cross-border flavor that combines the sports sense of a sedan with the toughness of an SUV. body. The golden body specially customized for the new generation of mainstream groups in China also makes the Star Milo full of "bee" flavor.

The front of the Star Milo is somewhat similar to the Chevrolet Trailblazer. The front face of the X-type Thunder has a large-sized hexagonal honeycomb plated grille. The through-type decorative strips connect the LED daytime running lights on both sides with the headlight area respectively, which widens the lateral width of the front of the car and enhances the sporty temperament, which is hidden by the Chevrolet obsidian bow tie. Different versions of the model will use different mesh trims and LOGO colors, but they all have a full sense of movement.


The new car adopts a split headlight group, with sharp daytime running lights at the top, and the lower high and low beam light group is integrated with the heat dissipation openings on both sides of the front surround. , and the entire front of the car has a more complete visual experience, and the light source is equipped with LED headlights as standard.

Viewed from the side, the XMiro body adopts very dynamic design elements. The side lines of the whole car are very compact, the waistline is elegant and strong, and it has a strong sense of strength. The front and rear fenders of the new car are slightly wider than the car body, with black wheels The eyebrows give the new car a more muscular shoulder line, creating a low-slung sporty feel similar to a coupe SUV. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the Star Milo are 4537/1823/1564 (1572) mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2700 mm.

Looking at the rear, the D-pillar of the Star Mile is relatively inclined, and the entire rear of the car is ready to go. The top is equipped with a small-sized roof spoiler, and the black lower guard at the bottom is very thick, increasing the vehicle. sense of hierarchy. The taillights adopt an irregular design, the light group presents a similar "C" shape, and is combined with a vent decoration at the bottom. After lighting, the recognition and visual effect are excellent.

The interior of the Star Milo adopts Chevrolet's latest sports smart technology cockpit. The cockpit of the new car is centered on the driver, and a suspended dual 10.25-inch gradient smart screen is designed. Its design is not a traditional dual screen, but The two screens are stacked together with a three-dimensional profile, tilted to the driver's side by about 9 degrees, and it also has a newly designed three-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel.


  The design of the central control panel running through the instrument panel, with a unique diamond triangular plaid pattern and high-quality interior materials, creates a stylish and technological cockpit atmosphere. The cockpit under the exclusive design of the RS series has exclusive designs including black exterior trim strips, RS exclusive logo, crystal gear handle, and red stitching.


The entire Star Mall series is equipped with the new Xiaoxue OS intelligent car-connected system, which enables interactive Baidu intelligent online navigation through dual 10.25-inch gradient smart screens. The car-machine voice system adopts Baidu's hybrid voice recognition solution, supports breakpoint voice, understands up to 76 vertical classes of semantics, supports natural language interaction recognition and smart home interaction.

In terms of function, Star Milo is also equipped with electric ventilated heated seats, steering wheel heating, wireless charging and wireless CarPlay, electronic anti-dazzle rearview mirror, electric tailgate, rain-sensing wipers and many other user-friendly, comfortable and convenient technological configurations.

 In addition, Star Millo is equipped with GM's new Tune Dynamic (TD) surround sound system for the first time, which consists of 7 speakers, including low frequency, mid-high frequency and full frequency, which are distributed around the cockpit. At the same time, Chevrolet joined hands with the French audio technology brand ARKAMYS for the first time to conduct special sound field adjustment and optimized layout for the cockpit sound effects of the new car.


In terms of safety, Star Mall uses a large number of high-strength steel and ultra-high-strength steel to create a strong body, the proportion is as high as 76%, and lightweight polymer material structural adhesives are widely used throughout the car to ensure the strength and durability of the body structure, and a full frame is used. Type front subframe. The new car comes standard with dual front airbags, front side airbags and side curtain airbags.

In terms of active safety, Star Millo is equipped with a number of intelligent safety technologies. Driving assistance systems include ACC full-speed adaptive cruise, FDI front-vehicle distance reminder, FCA forward collision warning, AEB collision mitigation braking, PCM pedestrian collision warning, and LKA lane keeping assist. , AHBA adaptive high beam assist, LCA lane change assist, SBZA side blind spot warning, RCTA rear pass traffic warning and other functions.

In terms of power, the entire Star Mall series is equipped with the eighth-generation Ecotec series 1.5T turbocharged four-cylinder engine, with a maximum power of 135kW/5500rpm and a maximum torque of 250N m/1500-5000rpm. 7-speed steel chain CVT continuously variable transmission with a speed ratio range of 7.01. The official 0-100km/h acceleration time of the new car is 7.9 seconds, and the fuel consumption under WLTC conditions is 6.5L/100km.

The chassis suspension part is derived from the chassis structure of GM's global compact SUV platform. The new car uses a combination of front McPherson independent suspension + rear torsion beam non-independent suspension.

AUTHORED BY: Wang Xiaojian

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