Lost political psychology


The white man understand the word politics to be the activities RELATING with the governance of a country  or a place, especially the debate of parties attaing. power. According to their Google

The white man also understand politics as an activities aimed at ADDRESSING AND IMPROVING someone's status or increasing power within an organization.

UNFORTUNATELY Africans don't see politics this way and for this reason I suggest Africans should abolish POLITICS from our domain.

There were ways our fathers pick leaders before the white man's Western education came and changed the narrative. 

This is why electing sensible leaders in Africa is more like practicing rocket science.


it was better, easier and reliable before.

This modern system of politics will not favour Africa until we understand the western political ideology.

Before the western political science finds it way among Africans, we had leadership in our finger tips.

It is either we go back to our ancient history of leadership selection ( election) or we keep facing the consequences of strange doctrine.

Let it be clear that an average African doesn't understand politics.

This is the solemn reasons most Asian countries don't practice the western form of politics and you can attest to that fact, that majority of this countries has better economic growth and power than we Africans.

Poor and abused leadership in Africa is as a result of poor understanding of politics, when you don't UNDERSTAND  the value of something abuse is inevitable.

Clueless leaders and empty brains are topping major leadership positions in Africa because of this form of western political ideology, Africa has become a continent where humans with zero qualifications leads those with top degrees.

A continent where blind people lead those with bright sights.

A continent where dead brain cell grandparents lead vibrant youths.

A continent Where old folks suffering from amnesia rules over active reasoning individuals.

Where those who are physically fit and mentally alert are ruled by inactive people.


The primary code of politics is democracy, lol, DEMOCRACY IN AFRICA, I am tempted to digress but I won't fall into that temptation now.

I have looked and researched on various Africa countries and their leaders, infact what barfulls me is how were this folks able to get to such position of leadership. Is this truly the politics they white men practice? I bet you it's not.

If it's same politics by now most Africans won't be going through rigorous processes to secure visa to visit this western nations.

You would attest to this fact that majority of this Africa leaders can't even head or lead a WhatsApp group as an admin.

This is how bad politics has been abused in Africa. 

Why we can't practice politics as Africans.

Major African countries comprises of various tribes and languages within themselves.

Major African countries comprises of people with divers cultural practices and religious beliefs.

As a result of this differences our understanding of Politics becomes impossible as Africans. Let me take you to the Bible story about the TOWER of BABEL.

 this story  is found in chapter 11 of Genesis in just few verses. This place summarize the Biblical account of the Tower of Babel. When you read with understanding you would understand the situation behind this article.

Noah descendants were found in a place called Mesopotamia in Babylon. They reside in a land calledd Shinar. Their population was growing and this people were speaking only one language. Suddenly this people decided to build a very tall building that would symbolize there strength as great people and grown nation. This Babylonians decided that what the want is a tower that would "get to the heavens" for them to also be like God and wouldn't be needing him anymore. So they started building the ziggurat.

Actually God wasn't comfortable with that idea as well the pride in their heart. God caused them to start speaking different languages so they couldn't pass information to one another, their communication was disconnected, they became CONFUSED. Then the people scattered across the land. that tower was named Babel because the word bable means CONFUSION, This is a wonderful story that teaches the strength of unity. When a Nation is United in one way or the order it grows and accumulate strength. I feel one thing both GOD AND DEVIL fears is  UNITY. A UNITED people can take over.

This gives clear insight why America psychologist framed hope into their citizen's mind with the name UNITED STATE OF AMERICA.

But Africa has no political psychologist to frame the hope of unity among it people irrespective of the fact that we are grossly disunited on religious beliefs, language and culture.


Based on  lost psychology Africans are prone to electing the worst leaders for most vital leadership positions.

Africans seems to elect leaders based on disunited psychology.

We elect leaders on selfish psychology, personal interest psychology, cultural interest psychology, language interest psychology and religious interest psychology.

Well, this is not western POLITICS.

Because Western politics  is an act of democracy.

Is Africa politically democratic?

are we sure we are not combining equations that can never and would never solve our problem as a continent or as a nation?

Can a religious bigot be politically democratic?

How realistic is it for a hungry fellow to be democratic?

How realistic is it for a population of 80% illiterates to be democratic?

How possible can a population with the denial of western education be politically democratic because this is western political system we are trying to achieve here.

 Example, I would be using NIGERIA as a case study.

Democracy is a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. It's also state that democracy is a control of an organization or group by the majority of its members.

When you look at the population of NIGERIA you would find out that NIGERIA is the way it is because of this fallacy.

The total number of northern NIGERIA population controls the system of political democracy and 80% of this same population do not believe in Western education, or are denied of western education. But celebrate western POLITICS SYSTEM.

As a result of LOST PSYCHOLOGY.


the whites knows if we understand politics we would outgrow them, overpower them and rule.

because politics is unity politics is coming together to grow, to build and become a stronger body.

this is why they brought their rocket science to us, with the disguise of colonialism.

just like a cute handsome further mathematics teacher who wants to take advantage of brilliant beautiful lady that uses stones for arithmetic calculation. now called the lady that it would be better she learns the actual ways of multiplying her numbers instead of gathering stones, then sat the lady on the bed with pen and paper and start teaching her biology of the human body just to have his way, after having his way, he still doesn't want to let her go. then to keep her busy told the lady to find the square root of X without her stones and without knowledge of solving such mathematical question. this is why Africa is still looking for X!

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